Monday, August 1, 2011


Well well well. Here I am again. After such a very lonnggggg time. haha
Well, our campaign, One Colorful Week just ended.
It can be considered as a success I think?
Many problems occurred, of course. Don't wanna pinpoint who and what happened.
Later kena sue under defamation. Awww...
I was in the Talk and Workshop department. The only department that got least problem cause we got only 4 members.
That's why sometimes we're being abandoned. LOL
Perhaps it's a good thing as well. =)
Oh ya... I was the programmer for the first day.
Tiring yet a very fun job. Got the feel of leadership. HAHA!
Besides, our campaign will be covered by 6 newspapers which are Berita Harian, Utusan, The Star, The Sun and 2 more chinese papers.
Wait for it! XD

After the campaign, we went Pangkor Island. With almost half of the class, 20 people. 0.o
Dear went too. First time walking on the beach with her. First time riding a boat with her.
I can't swim but still, my buddies pulled me down the water. Scared but actually I got phobia. =.=
At night, we went to the beach and we saw a lot of "blue tears". That's what they called it.
It's something like sand but it will glow in blue. Very beautiful when it's all around the beach.

Yesterday, finally an outing with some old buddies, Sum, KinWai, Steven and I.
Went for COD and Captain America; The First Avenger.
Nice game, great movie with funny people. =D
Hulk, Thor, Ironman and now Captain America is out.
I can't wait for The Avengers in May 2012.
The Avengers consists of the 6 Marvel heroes as I mentioned above, Hulk, Thor, Ironman, Captain America and also Hawkeye and Black Widow.
I missed Hawkeye and Black Widow, didn't I?
Hawkeye appeared in Thor's movie, the archer fella above the building when Thor is trying to regain his hammer.
And Black Widow appeared in Ironman 2's movie. Tony Stark's new secretary is the Black Widow. Sexy lady... ;)
Guess that's all for now. Let the pictures do the talking... =)

Our campaign's logo and theme

Opening ceremony, Color Splashing
Our photography lecturer got this, Mr. Ong Min Ho
Here we are in Pangkor
Don't miss this!

Signing out...

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