Monday, August 1, 2011


Well well well. Here I am again. After such a very lonnggggg time. haha
Well, our campaign, One Colorful Week just ended.
It can be considered as a success I think?
Many problems occurred, of course. Don't wanna pinpoint who and what happened.
Later kena sue under defamation. Awww...
I was in the Talk and Workshop department. The only department that got least problem cause we got only 4 members.
That's why sometimes we're being abandoned. LOL
Perhaps it's a good thing as well. =)
Oh ya... I was the programmer for the first day.
Tiring yet a very fun job. Got the feel of leadership. HAHA!
Besides, our campaign will be covered by 6 newspapers which are Berita Harian, Utusan, The Star, The Sun and 2 more chinese papers.
Wait for it! XD

After the campaign, we went Pangkor Island. With almost half of the class, 20 people. 0.o
Dear went too. First time walking on the beach with her. First time riding a boat with her.
I can't swim but still, my buddies pulled me down the water. Scared but actually I got phobia. =.=
At night, we went to the beach and we saw a lot of "blue tears". That's what they called it.
It's something like sand but it will glow in blue. Very beautiful when it's all around the beach.

Yesterday, finally an outing with some old buddies, Sum, KinWai, Steven and I.
Went for COD and Captain America; The First Avenger.
Nice game, great movie with funny people. =D
Hulk, Thor, Ironman and now Captain America is out.
I can't wait for The Avengers in May 2012.
The Avengers consists of the 6 Marvel heroes as I mentioned above, Hulk, Thor, Ironman, Captain America and also Hawkeye and Black Widow.
I missed Hawkeye and Black Widow, didn't I?
Hawkeye appeared in Thor's movie, the archer fella above the building when Thor is trying to regain his hammer.
And Black Widow appeared in Ironman 2's movie. Tony Stark's new secretary is the Black Widow. Sexy lady... ;)
Guess that's all for now. Let the pictures do the talking... =)

Our campaign's logo and theme

Opening ceremony, Color Splashing
Our photography lecturer got this, Mr. Ong Min Ho
Here we are in Pangkor
Don't miss this!

Signing out...

Friday, May 6, 2011

Here we go again~

Congratulations to all the MadNation members!
He has answered my prayer and now all of us will be proceed to Year 2.
All of your hard work is not wasted and now we gonna continue to rock 'em to hell! XD

While for me... It's my first time passing all the subjects in a sem including my resit subject. LOL
I had the whole Bs' family in my result this sem. B+ for Psycho, B for Mass Comm and B- for Electronic Publishing.
Honestly, I kinda disappointed with my Electronic Publishing result.
Since it's over, nothing can be done anymore. Keep on work hard... =)

My birthday is finally over. Purposely remove my birthday in my Facebook profile so that I can get sincere wishes from those who really remember.
Really appreciate those who wished me. Thanks a lot... =D
Especially thanks to JinYi, Jermaine, Cindy and Chris for the celebration.
Glad that you guys remember. Thanks to JinYi, Jermaine and Chris for the beer and Cindy for the KFC. haha
Thanks to Choy, Pak, Fang and Gary to attend my BBQ party. We chit-chated till the next morning.
It's really fun chatting with them especially about our secondary school history. It's hilarious... ^^
Besides, my dear made me a blanket. Actually I already knew it, still I love it. (It's pink in colour. LOL)
Thanks dear... I love you, Tan Pei Yee...
Woots... Im finally 20. One year to go and I can enter casino legally. LOL

Here it is...

Blueberry cheese cake...

I'm 20!

She used my account and upload this as my profile pic in FB =.=

p/s: I didn't blow any candle this year... =(


Saturday, April 16, 2011


Well... Guess it's sem break again? Nothing much. No trips, no events.
It's just that my birthday is up a head. Guess what? My Chinese Lunar birthday is on the same date as the Perak Sultan's birthday which is on this coming Tuesday (19/04/11). LOL

Phew... Finally bought a DSLR camera, Canon EOS1100D. A brown one. Aunt borrowed me RM1500, I'll surely pay her back but of course through installment la. Still waiting for the coming PTPTN. =,=
I promise I will!
Because of this DSLR, I went all the way to Penang for the Canon fair but honestly, the fair sucks.
Cheated me on Facebook bout the price. Told me it's RM1899 but when I went to the fair, they told me RM1999.
If it's RM1999, why would I go all the way to Penang? It's the same price as in Ipoh. zzz
So, I bought from another shop in Gurney Plaza. It's just RM1850. Even cheaper and with a free UV filter, tripod, bad and a Class 10 8GB memory card.
Pixus, you suck! =.=||
Anyway, I'm still new to this. Will take some time to learn for it. Plus, we have a course about Photography in the coming sem which is our Year 2 Sem 1. ^^

Yeah... I'll be in Year 2 very soon. Of course, I pray that all of us in the MadNation gang can successfully proceed to Year2. Especially, Philip, WaiKeong, Feipo and Gary.
I seriously wish that all of us can proceed to Year2 and graduate together. ^.^v
Although some of the members left, stay strong and fight for it, guys... =]
Long life MadNation! =)

Besides, I changed my phone too, Samsung Galaxy Ace. Dear pays part of it as my birthday present (RM280) and she changed that phone too. She wants us to use couple phone. LOL
Not bad... An I-phone liked smart phone and running on Android technology. Woots...
I need a larger memory card. Now I'm only using a 2GB. Surely not enough space for games and applications. hehe

Dad got us a new puppy. Mum named him Rocky. The same name as the previous dog. swt
He definitely likes to bite but still, he's adorable.
Grandma's getting old. When my next PTPTN comes, I wanna take my whole family for a family photograph session.
Honestly, we didn't even have a single family photograph.
I really want a family photograph hang on the wall of the living room.
Everytime I visit my friend's or relative's house, I'll see their family photography on the wall of the ceiling or the cupboards.
I'm envy... I want to have one too. =[

Noob's face. lol
Cute Rocky =p

p/s: Sushi Bonanza is here again! XD

Signing out...

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bankrupt le...=[

Money ar money... I need more money... $.$
Next week gonna get my new handphone d. Previous Samsung Corby Pro already sold.
Gonna get Samsung Galaxy Ace soon together with my dear. A I-phone liked handphone. lol
Then the following week will follow my class rep, Demon back to Kedah.
But before that we'll drop by Penang Gurney Plaza's Canon Fair to get my DSLR camera.
I've changed my mind. No more Canon EOS550D and say hi to Canon EOS1100D. ^^
A brand new DSLR camera which announced in London, UK on 7th February 2011 and it will reach Malaysia by this week.
It also comes with 4 colors which are black, metallic grey, brown and red.
I'm gonna get a brown one. Woots...
Besides my new handphone and DSLR camera are coming, my final exams also coming le. T.T
All the best, everbody... I can't wait for those to come......except for the final exams part. lol

Signing out...

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The unsinkable ship...

People are easily influence, no matter what kinda person you are.
The more you being cultivate, the more you will be affected.
Friends might be good, might be bad. We might be naughty but we're good.
Whatever we advise you, you can just forget about it but that's from our sincere heart.
Think twice before you take any action. Seriously...
Yes... The life is yours. You can do it your way but it doesn't mean you're on the correct path.
Take advise then only take control.
That's what friends for... The only ship that wouldn't sink is friendship~


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

March 2011

It's been a really really long time since I updated my blog.
Spiderwebs are all over my blog now. *Paiseh*
I'm still me... Never changed I guess?
Let me start from my second sem results. Sad to say that I gotta resit one of my papers like Sem 1.
CGPA slightly dropped by 0.01. =[
Gonna resit my Sem 1's paper in this sem which is Intro to Mass Comm.
Hope to pull my CGPA up... Gambateh! =]

CNY was boring. This year's CNY really potong steam.
Everybody was busy. Most of them only got holidays till the forth day of CNY.
Not much time to play. Even angpao also not much. =[
Still, I got a chance to hang out with my old buddies. hees

Valentine's Day was okay. Bought my dear a Sony Digital Frame while she hasn't get me anything even until today. =.=
She says she's saving for something big for my birthday. I'll wait... =]
We had our dinner at Oh Sushi. Planned to go for the DaoRae Korean BBQ Restaurant but it was full since that day was Valentine's.
Oh Sushi also not bad... I love sushi but dear doesn't... =.=zzz

Sem 3 has started about 2 weeks ago and we're now in week 3.
Many problems came up. Most of them have relationship problem.
I really wish to stay as a big family. I don't want to see lesser and lesser members in our Madnation gang. Seriously~
We got 4 more sems to go... Let's go through this together, can we?

I wanna get a DSLR camera,Canon EOS500D Kit. Gonna use it in my next sem.
Some kinda photography subject. I can't wait for it. XD
So, I asked my aunt about the price in Singapore.
It's just $700+ (roughly about RM1600) while in Malaysia it's RM2488. That's why I rather buy it in Singapore.
Can save about RM800 eh but how to get it is a problem.
Maybe this sem break go Singapore with dear or go with family since that day mum mentioned about going to Singapore. lol
I'll see how la... =]

p/s: What are words by Chris Medina. This song is nice. His girlfriend who currently suffers from brain injury due to a car accident. Pray for them pls...

Signing out

Sunday, October 24, 2010



Finally, we've been one year together. Isn't that a nice date? haha
Didn't really celebrate with dear.
Just treat her eat Vegas. Dear got lotsa problems recently.
She's not gonna study in UTAR for Acturial Science anymore. =[
Gonna work till January for the January intake in UTAR for another course.
Dear still choosing the course as this will be her last chance.
So, it's a very important decision for her.
Hope she'll make a wise one...
Don't worry, dear... All the best.
I'll be here to support you... mwuah
Happy anniversary, baby...


Sister's 12th birthday lea... I totally forgot about that.
When I woke up earlier on, I saw the date on my handphone screen and I was like wondering who's birthday isit cause it's kinda familiar.
It's my sister's! Hence, didn't get her any present...yet.
I'll replace to her some other day. haha
Anyway, happy birthday, my beloved sister...

Birthday girl of the day